It is  an offer of a conversation with a fellow human being, open to both JU students and staff. No written confirmation of one’s issues or a disability certificate is needed. You can just come and talk about excessive stress, a sudden worry which makes studying or work difficult, or in the case of persistent problems, receive advice on where to go for more advanced assistance.

University students and staff members in need of assistance have as interlocutors persons who are very well prepared to play such a role from the Chair of Psychotherapy of the Jagiellonian University Medical College and the Psychotherapy Unit of the University Hospital, including the co-authors of the support programme of the current Leo project Edyta Dembińska, MD, PhD and Katarzyna Klasa.


The meetings for students and staff members of the Jagiellonian University take place at the JU DSS office at al. Mickiewicza 9a/410 in Krakow and Student Residence Hall at ul. Bydgoska 19 on an on duty basis.

Not only is Constellation Station no treatment, but it is not even an intensive support programme like currently Leo. It is rather an opportunity to stop and talk about one’s issues, meet a fellow human being and consider how to decrease the level of stress which may be a result of very many factors. It is all about a meeting or two, and if further support is needed, our specialists will refer those interested to reliable sources of such assistance.

Visit us on duty at the JU DSS office at al. Mickiewicza 9a/410 and Student Residence Hall at ul. Bydgoska 19. 

Conversations and meetings under the Constellation Station initiative are free of charge thanks to the financial involvement of the JU Disability Support Service, the Bratniak Foundation, the JU Rector’s Proxy for Student Safety and Security as well as the Jagiellonian University Students’ Union. The initiative is also supported by the PhD Students’ Association of the Jagiellonian University.

In difficult situations which require specialist psychiatric assistance, including hospitalisation, it is possible to receive comprehensive support at the Clinical Ward of the Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinics of the University Hospital. More information available here.

All the above activities of the Jagiellonian University are taken to reduce tension and stress in the academic community, assist persons in very difficult situations and create conditions which make it possible to turn for such support in as safe and comfortable a way as possible.


We understand such activities to be preventive measures for better mental health and compatible with the National Mental Health Protection Programme.