A set of activities supporting persons who experience mental-health or adaptation difficulties operated under the name of Constellation Leo at the Jagiellonian University of Krakow is an original scheme offered by the JU DSS developed in cooperation with a team of specialists from the Chair of Psychotherapy of the JU Medical College and the Psychotherapy Unit of the University Hospital in  Krakow, in particular Dr. Edyta Dembińska. The programme is fully delivered and administered by the JU DSS.

Constellation Station is an initiative administered by the JU DSS but co-funded and content-supported by the following JU units and organisations:
The initiative is also supported by the PhD Students’ Association of the Jagiellonian University.
The meetings and conversations take place at the JU DSS office and in the Student Residence Hall at ul. Bydgoska in Krakow.

The JU Disability Support Service


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The JU Rector's Proxy for Student Safety and Security

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 The Bratniak Foundation

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The JU Students' Union

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