Yet another edition of Constellation Station has been launched! We invite JU undergraduate and doctoral students as well as employees to use the offer of this mental-health wellbeing support programme.

"I Am Human…"

The book entitled “My Journey” featured stories told by students experiencing mental-health and adaptation difficulties. The film I Am Human offers a literal portrait of what can happen to anyone and does happen to every fourth person in society yet is frequently brushed aside. With courage yet in a moving fashion, Jagiellonian University students describe their mental-health issues in the context of higher education. Accompanied by commentary from Edyta Dembińska, MD, PhD, a psychiatrist of the JU Medical College collaborating with the JU Disability Support Service, the material is recommended for universities, schools and teacher training centres.

What are the origins of the programme?

Since 2010, the Jagiellonian University has been striving to provide assistance for its students with adaptation or mental-health difficulties which result in their weakened ability to study and learn. The dedicated programme was called Leo Constellation and for the first two years it was funded from EU resources under the Human Capital Operational Programme. More about the project, its results and actions taken for the students can be found: here.

Currently, the Leo Constellation is continued under the name of Leo and finance by the JU itself thanks to which we can continue to offer support to the students who need it most and remain in constant touch with the JU Disability Support Service.

However, as the number of students experiencing not just mental-health difficulties but also too much stress, overburdened by their duties or going through a radical change of the environment is growing, JU Vice-Rector for Education Professor Andrzej Mania has decided to lend a helping hand also to such persons in the context of a new initiative called Constellation Station.

Who provides support?

University students and staff members in need of assistance have as interlocutors persons who are very well prepared to play such a role from the Chair of Psychotherapy of the Jagiellonian University Medical College and the Psychotherapy Unit of the University Hospital, including the co-authors of the support programme of the current Leo project. More about our team.

Where are support providers on duty?

The meetings for students and staff members of the Jagiellonian University take place at the JU DSS office at al. Mickiewicza 9a/410 in Krakow and Student Residence Hall at ul. Bydgoska 19 on an on duty basis.

Constellation Station is no treatment

Not only is Constellation Station no treatment, but it is not even an intensive support programme like currently Leo. It is rather an opportunity to stop and talk about one’s issues, meet a fellow human being and consider how to decrease the level of one’s stress which may be a result of very many factors. It is all about having a meeting or two, and if further support is needed, our specialists will refer those interested to reliable sources of such assistance.

University Hospital for Constellation

It is a response of Krakow’s university medicine to difficult situations which require specialist psychiatric assistance, including hospitalisation. At the Clinical Ward of the Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinics of the University Hospital it is possible to receive comprehensive, free of charge and discreet psychiatric and psychotherapeutic assistance.  More about this form of support

In emergency

In emergencies which seriously jeopardise the life and health of a person with symptoms of mental disorders and/or life or health of others, it is recommended that relevant services be contacted. Detailed contact data and tips on how to handle such situations can be found here.

Please remember that stereotype has it that persons with mental-health difficulties are a particular threat to those around them. It may so happen that a person becomes aggressive due to his/her mental disorder yet such situations occur relatively rarely. Let us not forget that persons who experience mental-health difficulties may also be victims of various forms of violence.

“Leo” Programme

It is a programme of intensive psychological adaptation support  for JU students who experience mental-health difficulties and as a consequence find it difficult to perform their roles of university students. It is a continuation of activities initiated under the Constellation Leo programme which is currently funded from the JU’s own resources and offers support for students who most need it and remain in constant touch with the JU Disability Support Service. The programme involves individual weekly (from 6 to 10) sessions with a psychologist which cover psychological consultations and training in learning techniques. The former focus on offering assistance in coping with their academic difficulties resulting from the students’ health in such areas as stress coping techniques, working with motivation or time management. A cycle of training session in learning techniques, in turn, focuses on making the students familiar with memory boosting techniques, attention holding exercises or notes preparation. The thematic scope of the support offered is agreed on an individual basis with the participating students taking into account their specific needs related to their health and academic situation.

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