An emergency means a situation when it is justified to suspect that due to someone’s mental-health difficulties the behaviour of that person could pose a direct threat to his/her own life or health or life of others. The Ambulance Service and the Police should be notified in such cases. During the notification the caller should focus on the types of threats caused by the individual concerned.

  • Emergency number (112),
  • Ambulance service (999),
  • Police (997).

Procedures concerning the principles that regulate calling the Police to the premises of the Jagiellonian University are available on the website of the JU Rector’s Proxy for Student Safety and Security at

 Pursuant to the provisions of such laws as the Mental Health Protection Act:

  • The person whose behaviour suggests that due to his/her mental disorders he/she could pose a direct threat to his/her own life or life or health of others may be subject to a psychiatric examination without giving his/her consent.
  • The fact that such a psychiatric examination is necessary shall be established by a psychiatrist, and if it is not possible to obtain assessment from a psychiatrist – another available physician, for example from emergency medical services.
  • If necessary, the physician who carries out such an examination shall arrange for the person examined to be transferred to hospital without delay.

Please invite to contact with Support and Adaptation Centre for Students (Studencki Ośrodek Wsparcia i Adaptacji). We encourage you to use a 24-hour telephone hotline at 606 406 158,

In difficult cases which require urgent psychiatric consultations assistance can also be sought from medical units operating round the clock:

  • Crisis Intervention Centre in Krakow: ul. Radziwiłłowska 8B, call (+48 12) 421 92 82,
  • Admissions at J. Babiński Hospital: ul. J. Babińskiego 29, call (+48 12) 652 43 47,
  • Nearest Hospital Emergency Ward which offers psychiatric consultations:

             - University hospital in Krakow: ul. Kopernika 21a, call (+48 12) 424 82 77,

             - Rydygier Specialist Hospital: os. Złotej Jesieni 1, call (+48 12) 646 86 80,

             - Fifth Military Clinical Hospital and Polyclinic: ul. Wrocławska 1-3, call (+ 48 12) 630 81 62.

It may be difficult to come into contact with a person experiencing mental disorders in safety-jeopardising situations. On the one hand one should be aware that the claim that persons with emotional issues are dangerous to those around them is a stereotype, yet on the other the situation should not be ignored when someone’s conduct may indeed pose a threat to him-/herself or others.