In individual justified cases a DSS consultant can suggest a student have a single consultative session with a psychiatrist who cooperates with the DSS in order to select the optimal adaptation of his/her studies.

As regards students who are mentally ill / experience mental-health difficulties, the proposed adaptations of the educational process can concern such areas as spreading examinations over the duration of the exam session rather than accumulating them, changing the format of exam / method of obtaining course credits, offering more time for exam taking or obtaining course credits as well as, if needed, supporting the student’s efforts to have a dean’s leave granted for health reasons. See the full offer of support for students on the JU DSS website.

As part of the educational support offered by the JU DSS, students who experience mental-health difficulties may also apply to take part in the “Leo" programme, a series of individual meetings with a psychologist focused on the process of improving one’s ability to study.
Given that at the University the Disability Support Service plays the role of a centre for educational support and counselling, the scope of its operations does not include psychotherapeutic services, which should remain a domain of the healthcare system. See more at Why no therapy at the JU DSS?.
By Dagmara Sendur, educator at the JU DSS