We would like to kindly inform you of the recent launch of the Support and Adaptation Centre for Students (Polish acronym: SOWA) which offers ongoing psychological support for JU undergraduate and PhD students as well as a variety of support groups. Details of the Centre's offer are presented at www.uj.edu.pl/sowa.. We also encourage you to use a 24-hour telephone hotline at 606 406 158.

Since 2010, the Jagiellonian University has been carrying out preventive activities in the field of mental health. The Constellation Leo project and support for persons experiencing mental crises developed by it have become a standard at many universities and a broad debate on the topic in academic circles has led to various programmes aimed at improving the wellbeing of undergraduate and PhD university students, as well as personnel, across Poland.

Here, you will find educational materials developed by the Constellation Leo project of two years and worked out in the context of preventive activities for those who experience mental-health issues carried out over many years. We are glad that they have been, and still are, an inspiration as to how to act in order to include rather than exclude. We want them to continue to be a point of reference in debates on the subject and to contribute to a better understanding of the challenge mental-health difficulties and their consequences are in social life.

"I Am Human…"

The book entitled “My Journey” featured stories told by students experiencing mental-health and adaptation difficulties. The film I Am Human offers a literal portrait of what can happen to anyone and does happen to every fourth person in society yet is frequently brushed aside. With courage yet in a moving fashion, Jagiellonian University students describe their mental-health issues in the context of higher education. Accompanied by commentary from Edyta Dembińska, MD, PhD, a psychiatrist of the JU Medical College collaborating with the JU Disability Support Service, the material is recommended for universities, schools and teacher training centres.

What are the origins of the programme?

Since 2010, the Jagiellonian University has been striving to provide assistance for its students with adaptation or mental-health difficulties which result in their weakened ability to study and learn. The dedicated programme was called Leo Constellation and for the first two years it was funded from EU resources under the Human Capital Operational Programme. More about the project, its results and actions taken for the students can be found: here.

In emergency

In emergencies which seriously jeopardise the life and health of a person with symptoms of mental disorders and/or life or health of others, it is recommended that relevant services be contacted. Detailed contact data and tips on how to handle such situations can be found here.

Please remember that stereotype has it that persons with mental-health difficulties are a particular threat to those around them. It may so happen that a person becomes aggressive due to his/her mental disorder yet such situations occur relatively rarely. Let us not forget that persons who experience mental-health difficulties may also be victims of various forms of violence.